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Market price curves: Hourly electricity and gas price curves

Keep an overview: with daily updated and intraday market price curves for electricity and gas directly in INIPRO.

The market price curves show the current market price situation in the form of an hourly price curve for electricity (HFC = Hourly Price Curve) and a daily price curve for gas (DFC = Daily Forward Curve). The gas price curve is shown for the market area THE. With suitable systems (INIPRO, BelVis or simply Excel), this can be used to determine prices for schedules.

The timpetools market price curves are produced and offered for the German energy market. They contain information for all front years available at the European Energy Exchange Leipzig (EEX). In electricity, the price time series is therefore usually prepared for six years, in gas for four years.

You can receive the market price curves in different formats and in different ways. Price curves in Excel or CSV format, which you receive daily by email, are common. However, any other formats are also possible, which you can retrieve from our FTP server in addition to delivery by email.

After a test phase of 14 days, you decide whether you want to subscribe to the price curves. You then have the choice of booking a monthly or an annual subscription. We will be happy to send you a corresponding order form on request.

Audited by the Hochschule Ruhr West

"The structural comparison between the HPFC and the realised spot prices shows a high correlation. The absolute deviation between HPFC and realised spot price or the comparison to the mean week also shows good results."
Prof. Dr. Michael Römmich
Department of Economics / Energy Economics


Via download from the timpetools cloud.

CSV (semicolon-separated), electricity price curves in quarter-hourly or hourly raster, gas price curves in hourly or daily raster.

Yes, the arbitrage freedom takes into account all Phelix Futures products of EEX (annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, weekend and daily products).

The weekday-specific hourly price profile corresponds qualitatively to the average weekly profile of the spot market price of the last available same month.

The median and not the arithmetic mean is used.

Yes, but only with the Emdacs product.

There is an internal check for arbitrage freedom, limits and completeness before final provision. If this fails, an error occurs and the price curve is not released. The test results can optionally be transmitted with each price curve delivered.

Prices are exported up to the maximum annual product that exists or can be calculated from quarterly products.

Gas price curves cover the time range from the beginning of the following month to the end of the last available annual EEX product.

Electricity price curves cover the time range from the following day to the last available annual product.

Power Phelix Futures DE and DE/AT

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