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The software developer for the energy industry

timpetools develops software for the energy industry - from standard solutions to individual contract work. Seit 2008 entwerfen wir hochspezialisierte Lösungen für den Energievertrieb und Energiehandel. Through close cooperation with leading companies in the energy industry, our standard software INIPRO is now one of the most sophisticated tools in the European energy industry. Our team combines the specialist knowledge of the energy industry with a high level of IT expertise - also due to our strong ties to science. This enables us like no other company to accompany all players in the energy industry on their digital transformation.

The founder

After many years of working as a project manager and consultant in the energy industry, Thomas Timpe founded timpetools in Moringen in 2008. His vision: to meet the new needs of the energy sector that have arisen as a result of liberalisation with the help of clever digital tools. Thomas Timpe is a diploma engineer and has been teaching about the energy industry at German universities for decades.

Get to know our team!

The team of timpetools is made up of specialists who combine the strengths of two industries: the energy industry on the one hand and the IT industry on the other. This unique combination makes timpetools a strong partner for the digitalisation of your energy industry processes.

Why timpetools?

The energy industry is undergoing fundamental change. Suppliers and municipal utilities are constantly facing new challenges from trade and competition. New players and forms of generation are changing established processes such as forecasting, the supply chain and security of supply.

This is where digitalisation helps. Thanks to it, we are able to manage and examine ever larger amounts of data - and automate many steps. Our team understood this more than a decade ago and set out to accompany the energy industry in this double transformation.

With our tools, we want to enable all players to handle their energy management processes as efficiently, flexibly and securely as possible. Because: Every day, they face new challenges beyond initial forecasting and portfolio management. And they need time and resources for this. We help to free up these resources with clever digital solutions.

In doing so, we work with principles. We rely on:

Intensive communication

Because only in close coordination with our customers can we deliver the best possible solution.

Longstanding cooperation

Because we don't want to push our customers on the path to digitalisation, we want to accompany them.

Broad perspective

Because if you don't regularly broaden your view, you lose the ability to innovate.

Curious now?

Start your career at timpetools and work with us on new, exciting software solutions for the energy industry!