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Professional software for the energy sector

Forecasting, analysis, pricing, decomposition and optimisation of schedules for gas and electricity: For more than ten years, we at timpetools have been helping a growing number of companies with energy trading with highly specialised software solutions. In addition to our established software tools, we also accompany players in the energy sector with customised software development.


Monitor energy prices on the move

Sales for individual business customers in the EMDaCS price portal.
Automated. Simple. Trustworthy. Secure.


The Swiss Knife for Energy Trading

Intuitive schedule management for electricity and gas: With INIPRO you save time and nerves when editing and analysing schedules. Start now with a new generation of timetable management!


Portfolio management: Flexible & understandable

Run your portfolio management within INIPRO - quickly, flexibly and with exactly the functions you need.


Market price curves for electricity and gas

The market price curves show the current market price situation in the form of an hourly price curve for electricity (HFC = Hourly Price Curve) and a daily price curve for gas (DFC = Daily Forward Curve). The gas price curve is shown for the market area THE.


The intuitive weather data portal

Our weather data portal TT.WDM offers an accessible and comprehensive weather data source based on the measurement data of the German Weather Service (DWD). It includes weather station data and climate data - and is still easy to use.