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"Customised software for energy trading"

When we first got in touch with timpetools in 2011, the world of energy trading was still different: The energy transition was just gaining momentum - as was the megatrend of digitalization. Today, we are implementing both with the support of timpetools.

At RWE Gas Storage West, we opted for timpetools at the time because the software solutions are very user-friendly and at the same time feature-rich. Today, the programmes - thanks to the direct line to the development team - are also tailored to our very own requirements in gas storage.

We price our procurement with our own HPFC file via INIPRO, break down our expected values for the coming year into standard trading products with the tool and document and archive time series in the portfolio management tool TT.PFM. In short, with the solutions from timpetools we have a set of tools with which we can handle our entire portfolio management for energy, from forecasting to procurement to long-term storage. INIPRO and its extensions are logically structured, colleagues only need a short familiarisation period. One example: While other programmes send error messages when importing Excel files for load schedules, INIPRO shows what works and what doesn't beforehand via traffic lights.

Our goal at RWE Gas Storage West is to make ever greater use of the opportunities presented by the energy transition. What counts most is the speed with which we can act and react on the energy market. timpetools will continue to be our partner - for example, by dovetailing all business transacted even more closely with forecasting in the future, or enabling even shorter-term forecasts.

We never run out of ideas, and timpetools thinks along with us.

Christian Effing

Asset Management
RWE Gas Storage West