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Public utilities & suppliers

Today, municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers are in competition with numerous other suppliers. In particular, the cost pressure in commodity sales and the effort in RLM sales are enormous. This is exactly where EMDaCS comes in - and automates essential parts of the sales process.

The many rounds for reworking the offers or re-requesting the price are completely eliminated. The first offer is created with just a few clicks, regardless of the profile. Your customer sees his offer in the portal and can regularly follow the price development - in this way you strengthen his trust in you as a supplier. No more eternal mail exchanges, no more price enquiries based on a specific date: the customer concludes the contract with just one click. Both parties receive a contract document and the profile can be transferred directly to your EDM or PFM. No matter how and when the customer decides: Once the offer is created and created, you can take care of other things - thanks to EMDaCS.

And another hint for our INIPRO customers or those who want to become one: There is of course also a direct interface from INIPRO to EMDaCS, for particularly complex forecasts.

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