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Energy-intensive companies

Would you like to take your company's energy procurement into your own hands? To do this, you need to know your own individual load patterns for electricity and gas and thus create load forecasts for the future. And what do these forecasts cost now? That's exactly what EMDaCS tells you, simply and quickly.

Every company needs energy. But energy prices are not always transparent and always only a snapshot. You can only see whether the time is right by looking at historical data - something no supplier does any more. With EMDaCS, on the other hand, it's easy. You create your individual profiles with just a few clicks - EMDaCS takes care of everything else for you. You see how the prices of your profiles develop and set limits at which EMDaCS automatically informs you. You know in advance what your energy may cost and never miss a favourable procurement date again - thanks to EMDaCS.

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