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Energy consultant & service provider

Nowadays, energy consultants must be able to answer their customers' complex questions quickly and competently. Services in load forecasting, pricing, procurement optimisation or grid fee reduction for atypical grid use: INIPRO, the Swiss knife for the energy industry, can help you. Or EMDaCS, depending on the focus of your consultation.

As a service provider for suppliers or larger end customers, your expertise is in demand. The client expects sound expertise in the energy industry environment so that he can gain time and financial advantages through your skilful strategic approach and support. Such advantages can only be generated if your tools are superior to those of the client and you are also fit to operate them. Here comes INIPRO into play. You can playfully master forecasts, import data in a wide variety of formats, take into account CHP, PV or wind energy forecasts and determine low-risk procurements by breaking down the forecasts into standard trading products and value-neutral residual schedules. If you need to organise the entire procurement process, our portfolio management TT.PFM supports you in such a way that you never lose the overview, even with very many portfolios. With INIPRO you are always one step ahead of your client!

Do you support your customers in procurement and need to find optimal procurement times? No problem and completely automatically - with EMDaCS.

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Our team supports you - whether in finding the right tools for your energy industry needs, in analysing your processes, in portfolio management or in your very own individual software solution. Contact us now!

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